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When you join any educational program or use our services, you are helping someone to receive an access to a better education. A portion of your program and services fee will be donated to We Care for Humanityfor its activities and funding educational scholarship. We recruits sympathized vendor, agent, and partner to contribute and promote the E4E projects.

Message from the Founder

Globalization has made our world closer. Understanding cultural connections and interactions have become exceedingly vital nowadays. Having benefited from such first-hand knowledge of my own, I have found my duty as a global citizen – to promote cultural exchanges and provide educational opportunities for others. This is the reason why International Network Association - iNA was launched. Our initiative is to share our experiences while encouraging others to build cultural bonds through education. Located in the U.S. but with networks across the world, iNA has created bridges between nations by offering educational programs, services, and events in order to cultivate a generation of genuine global citizens.

As you are about to take your first major step in your life journey, iNA is your guide and partner that will ensure the security and reliability that you deserve. We are thrilled about the prospect of working and witnessing you become a true global citizen full of confidence and pride. We will appreciate the opportunity and strive to exceed the highest level of service that we have set for each of our clients.


Junko Ishikawa, MBA

Fuonder/ CEO



We believe ‘Education’ will enrich the lives of people.


Education not only refers to academic studies but also wisdom and principles of humanity. The recognition of a single global community has resulted to show the importance of knowledge and in manner whereby to become a global citizen. We believes that understanding other cultures and customs through educational exchanges will help overcome any conflict or misunderstanding among nations and bring about peace on our planet by creating acceptance from one’s core.

Different nationalities signify different cultures and different ethnicities signify different customs. Learning a new language, tasting new cuisines, and meeting people of different origins are all incredibly captivating. These valuable experiences will open your eyes to the world. Having the opportunity to study and receive a higher education in the U.S. will allow you to network with people around the globe. Through this study abroad journey, you will not only acquire new language skills and worldwide knowledge, but you will make everlasting memories and build lifelong friendships.

Our Educational Programs are created by an elite group of highly qualified international educators. The meticulously developed curriculums will improve your communication skills, sharpen your leadership skills, and boost your teamwork abilities in the most natural ways. We aims to awaken your hidden potential while helping you pursue your dreams.