We will take you to the Wild Wild West to experience the great American culture and meet the Native American Indian and Cowboy.


  • Grand Canyon National Park (West Rim): Eagle Point, View the sunset and sunrise, taste the BBQ dinner, and experience the American style camp fire party; Staying at Hualapai Ranch and enjoy a wagon ride with cowboy; Playing games with American Native India and cowboy
  • Las Vegas: Chocolate Factory and Desert Cactus Graden
  • Lenwood Factory Outlet: Shopping 


  • Study ESL at local community college and enjoy the atmosphere of university life
  • Network with local American students through cultural exchange activities and classes
  • Visit world’s most attractive destinations
  • Great afternoon activities
  • Safe and secured location - Orange County, California
  • Expert local staff with 24/7 support
  • Health insurance included for emergency 



  • Academic: ESL, American Cultural, Academic & Career Building
  • Activities: Art and Craft, Dance, Sports, Movies, Beach Picnic, and Shopping
  • Sightseeing: Disneyland, Universal Studios, Amusement parks, Museum, and much More
  • The Road Trip: San Francisco; Grand Canyon National Park & Las Vegas

Junior Adventure is a fun English learning program that is designed for young adult ages 15-18. Challenge is the keyword for this program, which is designed to assist young adults to establish a vision for their futures and get ready for the next stage of their lives. Student will learn English in the most effect way by feeling the language and living it.  

Our special ESL classes take place in a local community college that can give you a feel of university life in the U.S. The ESL classes use conversation as the base and expand to grammar, reading, listening, and vocabulary.  In addition, many cultural exchange activities and classes are included to raise cultural awareness. Throughout the program, you will have many group missions, projects, and presentations that will also help you to improve communication skills, build leadership, and develop teamwork.    

An academic counseling session and university campus tours are scheduled in the curriculum to create a vision of higher education and guidance for the educational path. We will also visit the world’s most attractive travel destinations such as Disneyland, Universal Studios, and other amusement parks. This program concludes with another exciting adventure activity- a road trip to explore the greater America.

Junior Adventure

​​ Learn, Explore, and Taste the Great USA

Participation Requirements:

  • Age: 15 - 18 years old
  • Health Status: Good
  • Travel Insurance: Required
  • Student Visa: Not Required
  • Tearm: Summer/ Winter
  • Location: Orange County, California, USA
  • Accommodation: Homestay
  • Fee Included: Program Fee; Food - 2 meal/day; Accommodation; Transportation (US Local); Learning Material and Supplies; Activity Fees; Admission to Disneyland & Universal Studios; The Road Trip Fee
  • Fee Not Included: Travel Documents Fee; Transportation (Home Country); Airfare and Airport Fee; Travel Insurance